Our Chaplain

What is a chaplain?

“Chaplain’s serve the University from the understanding that life, including academic life is a spiritual journey.

We are professionally trained and appointed by recognized communities of faith to minister to the unique needs of the university community.

Chaplain’s come from many different religions and denominations of Christianity. Currently at the University of Alberta we have chaplains representing Islam , Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity.

Chaplains are available for guidance, care and support to any student, staff or faculty member , whether or not she or he identifies with a particular faith.

We also offer information and referral regarding religious groups, and activities on campus.

We provide leadership and guidance for those seeking rites of passage such as marriage, memorial and funeral services.

In addition, chaplains create forums for education and dialogue representing the various faith commuities. We as chaplains, facilitate programs involving worship, discussion groups, public presentations, social ocassions, retreats and volunteer opportunities to bring together faith, life and the university.”

–  from the University of Alberta Chaplain’s Association Brochure

Denise Davis Taylor

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 7.59.16 PM

Denise is the current Chaplain for FaithLift Ministries and spends half of her time at St. Pauls United and half of her time on Campus.

You can contact Denise by email @ uccm@ualberta.ca

or at the FaithLift office phone (780) 492 7524

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