The FaithLift Advisory Team

The Faith Lift Advisory Team supports and guides this ministry.

The Advisory Team is a team is directly accountable to the Official Board of St. Paul’s United Church (indirectly to other supporting bodies).

The committee is to be chaired by a member of the Official Board of St. Paul’s United Church. Committee members will include a minimum of 2 representatives from St. Paul’s (including the Chair) and a representative of Edmonton Presbytery.

The Committee may include a representative from each United Church congregation choosing to have a longer-term involvement with the Campus Ministry, and other persons with interests or experiences specifically related to the Campus Ministry.

– Will be in an active and supportive relationship with the Chaplain and together with the Chaplain will determine the annual goals and priorities of the Campus Ministry.
– Will, in considering the Chaplain’s recommendations, approve which programs and initiatives will be undertaken and assign responsibility for each to the Chaplain or other parties.
– Will be responsible for preparing the Campus Ministry annual budget. It will also be responsible for approval of all extraordinary expenditures during the year .
– Will present a quarterly financial report to Alberta and Northwest Conference of the United Church of Canada.