What is FaithLift?


Faith Lift is one of 12 chaplaincies that make up the UAICA (University of Alberta Interfaith Chaplain’s Association). Faith Lift is sponsored by St. Paul’s United Church in Edmonton where the chaplain, Denise Davis Taylor, is in ministry part time when she is not serving on campus. To learn more about St. Paul’s, see the website http://www.stpaulsunited.org/.

Faith Lift promotes spiritually grounded leadership development 

It seeks to support group leaders in maintaining health and focus while caring for and facilitating healthy groups.

FaithLift provides a community for students

(D.U.C.C.S) which gathers weekly to share a meal, find support, and create a safe place to discuss a wide variety of topics.

Faith Lift is a safe place of acceptance for people of all sexual orientations.

Individuals may speak confidentially with the chaplain one by making an appointment or dropping in on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

University is a crucial time in a person’s spiritual and faith development as they face competing values and world views, and have new experiences. This campus ministry is supported by people like you who have a commitment to supporting students —many of whom are away from home for the first time— to adjust and find their way in a campus the size of a small city.

These are the core values we hold as an organization:

1. Open and Inclusive Community
2. Personal and Spiritual Growth
 3. Serving Others
 4. Leading and Mentoring
5. Life Long Relationships
 6. Fun and Fellowship